Incorporating Insights From Enterprise Companies Can Benefit Your Business’ Security

Businesses cannot afford to grow complacent with their network security, as it could make a significant difference between falling prey to an attack and remaining secure. The process of securing a network must be looked at holistically, from top to bottom. This idea of enterprise security is not new, but even a small business needs to keep it in mind, and these solutions are more accessible than you might think.

What Constitutes Enterprise Security?

Enterprise security is an umbrella term for all of the strategies, policies, and procedures you put in place to keep your business safe from threats. This will include measures you implement to protect against cybercriminals, scammers, and potentially even your vendors and how they use your information. Small businesses might look at this and think that it’s unlikely it will become an issue, but the fact of the matter is that failure to have it is putting your business at risk.

Why is Enterprise Security Important?

Simply put, an ESS tool means keeping your business and data safe from theft and destruction. Businesses that experience much success will have to scale their services accordingly and deploy innovative new tools to keep data safe. ESS protects your business from all potential avenues of attack, significantly reducing the likelihood of a successful scam or hack.

How To Plan for Enterprise Security

If you want to maximize results from your ESS plan, then you’ll need to know what goes into making it successful. You’ll need to understand the devices accessing your network, as well as the demands you are placing on those devices.

Most businesses will only consider enterprise security when it becomes apparent that more basic strategies prove ineffective for their needs. To implement more powerful solutions, you must start with a complete audit of your network to determine what must be done—a process which should ideally be carried out at least once a year. Once you know where your network currently stands, you can start to make changes for the better.

Other ESS Considerations

One important consideration for ESS is cloud computing. Almost all businesses use cloud computing in at least some capacity, and the fact remains that the cloud makes security a bit more difficult than you might think. All it takes is a simple misconfiguration to leave a business vulnerable. Furthermore, many businesses use Internet of Things devices, or they forget that Internet of Things devices themselves interface with the network and are effectively endpoints that must also be secured.

Security professionals often overlook the threats that originate within a network, so to combat this, ESS strategies might implement zero-trust policies that keep tabs on employee devices on the network. If a zero-trust policy is in place on a network, self-sabotage and negligence become far less likely, and any good security system will include it.

Wolk9IT can help your business shore up its security and prepare itself for any potential threats that could surface as a result of growth or new technology adoption. To learn more, call us today at (646) 741-1166.

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