New Technologies That May Soon Be Part of Your Business (If They Aren’t Already)

Every piece of technology we regularly use today was once earth-shakingly innovative, regardless of how mundane and common it seems to us now. Think about it: people once had endless questions about the Internet, about computers…even about electricity. Let’s consider some modern innovations that we have many questions about now, but may someday be just as much of a given as the other tools we so commonly use today.

Blockchain Web, AKA Web 3.0

As the Internet currently stands, Big Tech has largely centralized control of data and content. Web 3.0 is a concept that changes the paradigm. Web 3.0, or Blockchain Web, is the decentralization of the Internet, where the infrastructure involves things like the blockchain and smart contracts.

The idea of this new approach to the web is to help boost your data’s security, privacy, and scalability overall, with many current platforms expressing interest in incorporating Web 3.0 features into what are currently Web 2.0 platforms. However, we must say that Web 3.0 has its critics and criticisms—harmful content, loss of privacy, and wealth centralization being just three of them—that will need to be addressed

Edge AI

To understand Edge AI, it pays to have a familiarity with its two essential parts: edge computing, and artificial intelligence. Edge computing is the concept where latency and bandwidth are optimized by storing and computing data as close to the point of request as is possible. Artificial intelligence is the concept that enables machines to independently complete processes that would traditionally have required human interaction. Edge AI allows machine learning processes to happen at network endpoints, providing businesses with significant benefits, like reduced latency and costs.

Integration with Wearable Technology

While wearable technology has been largely associated with health monitoring and tracking, there are many ways that a business can take advantage of these devices. Employees can receive reminders of important deadlines and meetings and access information with unparalleled ease. In short, wearables make work easier if used properly.

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