Tip of the Week: Three Resolutions to Make Concerning Your Business’ Technology

The new year is underway, and many of us have undertaken the traditional resolutions as an effort to improve ourselves by kicking bad habits and adopting good ones. Why shouldn’t your business join in the fun? We’ve put together a few resolutions that could benefit your organization if your team were to adopt them.

“I Resolve to Put Security First.”

Cybersecurity is nothing to take lightly. Today’s threats range from mild annoyances to company-ending data breaches and everything in between. As a result, a business that doesn’t prioritize its cybersecurity awareness and preparedness is working on borrowed time.

Fortunately, there are a few relatively simple ways that a business’ security can be vastly improved. First, there’s implementing and maintaining basic cybersecurity protections, like keeping your firewall and antivirus and other defenses up to date. Secondly, but just as importantly, you need to ensure your team understands how an attack might be directed towards them and what they need to do to stop it. Phishing and other methods of targeting the end user are still popular. 

Third, your team also needs to realize that some of their own behaviors could easily leave your business more vulnerable, so they need to be trained up on best practices to avoid these kinds of behaviors.

“I Resolve to Make the Most of My Technology.”

Your team will primarily rely on two sets of technologies: what you are currently using, and what you will adopt in the future. With the right mindset now, it is possible for your business to maximize both.

For your current IT solutions, having them is only part of using them to their fullest potential. You also need to be sure that your team knows how to do so, which will require them to be trained properly with them. By identifying your core software and applications and committing time to team training and user education, your employees will be all the more capable of accomplishing improved outcomes through the use of their software.

Looking to the future, it always pays off to watch for the newest innovations and promising technologies to adopt if and when the time is right. By embracing new technologies and methodologies as they come, you can help your team maximize the value of their time spent. 

“I Resolve to Encourage My Team’s Collaboration.”

It should come as no surprise that, considering collaboration is seen as a priority for many, bringing your team to practice it more is an excellent priority for a business to take. Many modern applications are now built with collaboration as a major feature, making it relatively simple to give your team the tools to follow through. You just need to enforce the behaviors you want to see from them.

Regardless of what your priorities are in the coming weeks and months of this year, we’re here to offer our assistance in achieving them through our comprehensive IT services. Start a conversation to find out how we can help by calling (646) 741-1166 today.

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