Did You Know You Can Look at Past Android Notifications?

Are you the kind of person that frequently checks your phone to remove the myriad of notifications that come in from seemingly every app on your phone? In the course of doing that frequent clean up you may have cleared a notification that you may need. This month we will tell you how to turn on your Android device’s notification history feature. 

Turn on Notification History

The first thing you need to do to turn on your notification history is to open your Settings app and navigate to the Notifications option. Opening this menu, you should see an option for Notifications History. It should be turned off by default so you will want to toggle that on.

Access Your Notification History

Once that is enabled, you can then access your notifications history. To view it, you will need to swipe down like you would to view your notifications and at the bottom of the pane you should see the new option for History

You will now be able to see the notifications for your apps for the previous 24 hours. Unfortunately, keeping notifications for longer would use up a lot of available space on the handset. 24 hours should be enough for you to retrieve any notification you may need but impulsively deleted. 

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