You Don’t Have Time to Waste on Your Vendors

Businesses rely on vendors for several things, whether for services rendered or the acquisition of technology. Unfortunately, the act of managing so many vendors can be exhausting and downright time-consuming for companies. What is the forward-thinking company to do, and how can it overcome the challenges of vendor management?

While we have a solution for you, let’s first examine a hypothetical scenario to illustrate just how time-consuming the process of communicating with vendors truly can be.

Imagine This…

Let’s say you have an ambitious idea for implementing some new technology solution in your office. That’s great! All it takes is a little bit of brainstorming and maybe calling up a hardware vendor to see what is available for your current needs. When you call that vendor, however, they tell you that due to supply chain issues, you might have to purchase from a third party or another source. They put in your order and give you an estimate for when it might arrive.

Next, you might try to implement new software for your organization, but then you discover that the software itself is not compatible with the hardware you purchased. Furthermore, this software does not integrate well with your current infrastructure, and you spend countless hours trying to make a solution work the way you want it to when you could have instead been focusing on running your business.

This is the main problem with working with vendors: it takes time, and that time is better spent on ensuring the operational continuity of your organization. It’s especially time-consuming when you have to work with multiple vendors that give you the runaround just to answer simple questions or to look into specific issues that you might be having. Meanwhile, you are still trying to make ends meet, and the time spent without properly working technology is not doing you any favors.

Now, you can reclaim this time, and it’s all thanks to the vendor management offered by Wolk9IT through our managed services.

Don’t Let Vendors Frustrate Your Business

Wolk9IT knows and understands the many frustrations that can come from managing and working with your varied network of vendors. This is why we offer comprehensive vendor management services. Essentially, you trade in your multiple points of contact per vendor for one single point of contact that makes your life as a business professional infinitely easier. Instead of reaching out to multiple vendors for issues related to your technology, all you have to do is contact Wolk9IT. We’ll take it from there!

To get started with vendor management services, reach out to us at (646) 741-1166.

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