An Organized Workspace Has Major Benefits

Every office has that one person that doesn’t seem to care that they are working in a room with other people. You know the type: They have day-old food on their desk. There are papers and other unnecessary items strewn about the desktop. Things are sticky and smell strange. The funny part is they seem comfortable with that mess. They may be the only one that is. In this week’s blog, we discuss the benefits of keeping your workspace clean.

Prevent Accidents

One of the most glaring problems of not keeping your workspace clean is that many times the accidents that happen inside a workplace can be avoided by simply cleaning up the work area. The more unnecessary items that are strewn about, the more likely something can go wrong. Clutter can cause serious accidents that can result in injury, destruction, or worse. 

Improve Productivity

That one messy person at your job swears up and down that their mess doesn’t hamper productivity. They know where everything is and their system is foolproof. This is a shortsighted and selfish view. The truth is the more organized people are, the more efficient your business will run. 

Much Better Handle on Inventory

Organization makes inventory much, much easier. The more squared away your workspace is, the more apt your business is going to be strong on inventory control. This not only helps supply chain management, it can also give insights into what products should be tagged for promotion or sale. 

Improves Morale

A clean and tidy workspace is a morale boost, pure and simple. The more clutter that employees have to deal with, the more inefficiency and havoc a workplace will have. Keeping things clean and organized has a marked effect on the way that people view their work and will most certainly reduce stress. 

What You Can Do to Improve Workplace Cleanliness

Here are three strategies that businesses can implement to improve workplace cleanliness:

  • Label everything – By marking all tools and materials, a business can not only get more organized, it can speed up work considerably. 
  • Implement routines – Earmarking some time at the end of the day for worksite maintenance can be a good practice to get your whole team working toward a common goal.
  • Report safety risks – Accidents can be a major problem for businesses, regardless of what your business is. By having a system in place for employees to report safety risks, your business can have the added transparency to ensure that situations are handled before there are problems. 

At Wolk9IT, our technicians are experts in getting technology set up and managed so that there isn’t any unwanted clutter. If your IT could use some added organization, give us a call today at (646) 741-1166. 

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