Cybersecurity Helps Keep Your Law Firm’s Data from Being Distributed Pro Bono

It can be too easy to overlook the importance of technology and its security, particularly in industries that are deeply steeped in tradition, regardless of how crucial that security may seem when actually considered. Just consider the modern law firm, where technology, data, and the security of such is paramount.

Let’s take a closer look at the needs that a law firm has in terms of its security, and how these needs can be attended to with the right cybersecurity tools.

What a Law Firm Needs in Terms of Security

Naturally, a law firm needs the same kind of cybersecurity that any other modern business should have. However, this simply isn’t enough to sufficiently protect the sensitive data that a law firm will accumulate over time. Law firms deal in trust and confidentiality, so your capability to uphold these standards is critical.

However, in addition to the typical standards, the modern law firm should also prioritize the use of advanced protections that prevent specific issues. With some of the data they store potentially being useful for an insider trading scheme, a law firm could find itself in some serious hot water. In addition to this, ransomware is a serious issue that could easily put the kibosh on a firm’s capacity to operate.

Plus, is it really so unheard of that a stressed member of your staff might overlook the warning signs of an attack?

Law firms need to have a way to ensure their security is comprehensive. This will require a few steps to be taken:

Keep Permissions in Check

It’s a simple fact that not everyone will need access to every bit of information that a law firm holds. Not only does it make it easier for your workers when they only have access to what they need, it is the more secure way of operating. Monitoring these permissions and updating them promptly as circumstances change is a solid strategy.

Maintain Compliance

Various laws and other regulations exist that dictate what precautions need to be taken for many different industries in terms of their data security. The legal industry is no exception, so it is necessary to understand what is required and what that will dictate your law firm to do.

Enforce Authentication Standards

Identity authentication is crucial, with the strength of your authentication measures needing to be substantial. While your passwords need to meet certain standards (with your infrastructure rejecting any that don’t), it is always better to secure yourself with additional requirements. Using multi-factor authentication is a very effective way to do so.

Keep an Access Record

Finally, any law firm should have the means to detect when data has been accessed in a way that doesn’t align with the firm’s use. This kind of technology can assist in the identification of various issues, as unusual behaviors become easier to identify.

We Can Help Any Business Put These Needs First

If you’re interested in putting these defensive capabilities to work in your law firm—or indeed, whatever kind of business you operate—give us a call today. Our team of experienced professionals are waiting for you to dial (646) 741-1166.

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