Despite Rough Waters, Expect More AI in 2023

There’s no denying that the economic forecast at the moment is a bit bleak, with murmurings of a recession growing louder by the day. As this situation develops, many companies are likely seeking out opportunities to trim the fat. Despite this, however, we anticipate that artificial intelligence will actually see a bit of an uptick. Let’s go over why.

There are three big ways that AI will likely continue to be hugely beneficial to businesses in the near future: automation, decision making, and generative AI.

Why AI-Powered Automation Isn’t Going Anywhere

Let me ask you this: is it more worthwhile to have one of your team members spend their day sorting data into a spreadsheet, or for them to spend their day actively engaged in profit-generating activities?

Take your time. I’ll wait.

All offices have those rote, menial tasks that—while necessary—do little more than take up valuable time. Many of these tasks can be quite effectively addressed through automation, particularly when that automation is guided by artificial intelligence.

A great example of this is the customer support chatbots that can be found on more and more websites nowadays. By automating a time-consuming aspect of customer service, your employees can start their interactions with your clientele from a much more knowledgeable point—and again, this is just one example.

Why AI-Supported Decisions Aren’t Going Anywhere

Let me ask you something else: would you rather make a decision based on your gut instinct, or one based on hundreds and thousands of compiled data points that have been condensed into clear and actionable insights?

Again, I’ll wait.

With so much data generated nowadays, it is almost becoming necessary to use artificially intelligent tools to give you a bird’s eye view of it all. Using AI, identifying business opportunities and other recognizable patterns becomes far easier and faster, allowing you to better optimize your business’ time and efforts. 

Why Generative AI Isn’t Going Anywhere

You’ve probably heard about the things that people have managed to do with generative AI platforms in recent months. A piece of artwork generated by AI won a prize at the Colorado State Fair, social media has been filled with people uploading images generated by AI, and AI-generated text is better than it has ever been.

While it isn’t quite time for creatives to start looking for alternative employment opportunities (or, better yet, educate themselves on using these kinds of tools to their own advantage), this use of AI isn’t going to go away. Investments are already being planned for these kinds of technologies, and as the capabilities of these platforms scale up, its use is only set to expand further.

So, What Does This Mean for Your Business?

Simple: start looking for opportunities to use AI to your advantage, starting now by automating what you can. Getting used to this technology’s potential and applying it to today’s workplace will only leave you in a better position when it eventually becomes the norm.

We can help you implement the solutions necessary to put automation to work for you. Give us a call at (646) 741-1166 to learn more.

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