I Need My Computer Repaired, and I Need It Right Now

So, you’re busy working, when suddenly your computer crashes…what do you do? Naturally, your first response should be to reach out for support. Let’s go into how your acquisition of support may go, even if your issue cannot be resolved remotely.

Let’s begin by outlining the steps that a business utilizing our services could go about following should they need support.

How Our Clients Get the Support They Need

Let’s assume for a moment that you were one of our clients, and one of your team members suddenly had an issue with their workstation. What would they do?

Well, if you worked with us as your outsourced IT provider, all they would have to do is contact our helpdesk and notify us that something was wrong. Mind you, thanks to our proactive monitoring services, there’s a very good chance we’d already know and would be in the process of resolving it. This remote service allows us to solve most problems before they ever totally materialize. Otherwise, your employees would have a variety of options to reach out and receive support.

  • They can call us on the phone.
  • If possible, they can submit a support ticket via our online portal.
  • They can send an email request to support@wolk9it.com.

However, some of the issues that could impact your technology may not be due to a software complication or other problem that can be resolved through remote services. In these cases, we will send a technician on-site to see to the issue.

Computer Hardware Can (And Does) Break

Unfortunately, computers and the components that make them up are far from indestructible, so there is the possibility that something could go wrong that needs to be fixed. Our team is just as experienced in dealing with hardware issues as they are in resolving those pertaining to software. One of our trusted techs will be on their way the moment it becomes apparent that the issues can’t be fixed without an on-site presence, with the rest of our team using their remote capabilities to collect any useful data they can.

If the problem is relatively easy to solve, our technician might be able to fix it on the spot. If not, they’ll make sure that your team member has a device to continue working on.

One Way or Another, We’ll Make Sure Your Team Remains Operational

If you’re interested in taking advantage of our support options, or even just learning more about them, give us a call at (646) 741-1166.

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