Network Monitoring Goes a Long Way Towards Protecting Your Network

Network security is remarkably important for businesses, whether they are small organizations or large enterprises, regardless of industry or number of clients served. Your company needs to take it seriously, which means that you need to actively monitor your network for signs of intrusion. Let’s take a look at what goes into network monitoring.

Consider your average day-to-day operations. They might be going perfectly fine for a while, but then small hiccups start to occur. Files start to go missing or they are moved around somewhat. Even your network starts to slow down a little bit. Either way, these issues grow more and more noticeable over time, but you just attribute it to your own diminishing technology—something that is remarkably easy to do until something very concerning happens.

By the time you make a move to investigate, you might notice that things are pretty bad. You find out that one user has been accessing your network to create these issues, but you don’t believe for one second that this particular person would do such a thing. You decide to confront the person about it, but they insist that it was not them. Still, the logs don’t lie… or do they?

You decide to continue your investigation and discover that the source of these issues is an unknown IP address in a different country. Naturally, this can only mean one thing: you’ve been hacked. Your network is being accessed through a compromised account, and since you haven’t been actively monitoring for these issues, you had no idea until now. But how far does the issue go?

These kinds of situations are more common than you might think, and they are a very real reason to keep a close eye on your network activity. If you don’t act on these inconsistencies, even if they are false positives, then how are you supposed to know when there is an actual problem that needs to be addressed?

Wolk9IT can help your organization by offering comprehensive remote monitoring and network security solutions designed to detect anomalies and address them in an appropriate manner. We know that you don’t have time to do this all the time, which is why we make our services as accessible as possible to all.

Through solutions like Unified Threat Management, multi-factor authentication, access controls, and password management, you can keep your organization as secure as possible. To learn more about how you can accomplish this, reach out to us at (646) 741-1166.

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