Stabilize Your Computing Costs with Cloud Computing

The cloud is one way that businesses are changing their operations for the better. Not only does the cloud enable organizations to function in drastically different ways from the status quo, it also gives businesses countless opportunities to reduce costs. Here are just a few ways you can expect the cloud to reduce your expenses and improve your return on investment for IT resources.

The Cloud Improves Accessibility

Perhaps the biggest benefit that comes from using the cloud is that data and the applications using said data are much more accessible. Since it’s all stored on the Internet, it can be accessed at a moment’s notice, empowering your team to get work done when and how they want, be it remotely or in-house, on company devices or personal devices. This type of accessibility prevents your data from being spread out across countless devices, as it will be warehoused in one location and accessed through one portal.

The Cloud Allows for Scalability

Adding or removing licenses can be difficult for businesses with large workforces, especially when the software has to be downloaded and installed on new workstations. The cloud gives you more control over these licenses by allowing you to pay for services on a subscription basis, meaning all you do is create an account for each user you need, then they have access to the solution. Essentially, since the service is in the cloud (on the Internet), you don’t have to worry about installing it on each device—you just give the credentials to the user, who then has access to it through the Internet. This scalability gives you a lot of cost-cutting control.

The Cloud Improves Flexibility

Employees are more productive when they can access data on their preferred devices, be it a laptop, smartphone, their at-home desktop, etc. When employees use cloud solutions, they can effectively access data on the devices they are most comfortable using, meaning they are not pigeon-holed into using the technology you assign them to get work done. This flexibility gives your team the ability to get work done on their own terms and can be incredibly empowering for some.

If your business is ready to start implementing cloud solutions to reduce its overhead and improve its bottom line, Wolk9IT can help. Chances are that if you think of it, the cloud can help you with just about any aspect of running your business. We recommend that you go through a comprehensive infrastructure audit to see where the cloud can help you cut costs and improve operations. You might be surprised at what you find with such an audit!

Our trusted technicians can go through your IT infrastructure and find ways to save with the cloud. To learn more, reach out to us at (646) 741-1166.

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