Tip of the Week: Worried About Phishing? Use the SLAM Method

Phishing is a very real, very dangerous threat to modern businesses, which makes it extremely important that you and your whole team are prepared to spot and mitigate it. One simple framework to do so is known as the SLAM method, so let’s take a few moments to review some tips for using it.

So, what is the SLAM method?

The SLAM Method is a Simple Practice to Help Spot Phishing

The SLAM method is a framework to help keep phishing prevention practices in mind.

  • Sender: Who supposedly sent the message? Check the email address to make sure the address matches the supposed sender, with no misspellings or suspicious URLs.
  • Links: Before clicking on any links, make sure you hover over them so the actual URL displays. Make sure it matches where the link should direct to.
  • Attachments: Are there any attachments included with the message, especially those that you wouldn’t expect to be included? These attachments are often used to ferry threats in, making their presence suspicious.
  • Message: What does the message itself say? Misspelled words and poor grammar, along with content that is uncharacteristic of the supposed sender, can all be indicative of phishing.

Keep the SLAM Method in Mind for More Effective Phishing Prevention

We really can’t overstate how important it is that you keep phishing from having an impact on your business, as it can lead to several other security issues. Wolk9IT is here to help you do so, as well as attend to various other cybersecurity needs. Give us a call at (646) 741-1166 to learn more.

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