VoIP Offers Too Many Benefits to Ignore

The telephone has been a part of business processes since it was invented, with businesses quickly taking advantage of the new features that telephony has introduced as it has improved over the years. VoIP—Voice over Internet Protocol—is the latest improvement, and as such, offers businesses a lot of great benefits to embrace.

Let’s dive into these benefits and explore how you might see improvements through adopting VoIP.

VoIP Offers Many Business-Friendly Benefits

VoIP Offers the Mobility that Modern Businesses Often Need

As recent events have definitively shown, the capability to work from places other than the office is a valuable one for an organization and its team members to have. Due to its use of the Internet as its network, your team’s phone connections can follow them to wherever they happen to be working.

With today’s VoIP options working as a softphone on a computer or as a mobile application, you can be confident that your team members will still have the communication tools that many offices rely on, without forcing them to be tied to their workstation.

VoIP Offers All the Features of Traditional Telephony… Plus Some

Businesses need their phones to do more than just receive and make calls. Nowadays, there’s a laundry list of additional features that businesses often need. Rest assured, a phone company is happy to enable these features—it’s just going to cost a lot more.

VoIP offers the same, without the added costs. All of these features are included in the software, along with some (like instant messaging and video conferencing) that many telephone service providers don’t offer.

VoIP Simplifies Your Business’ Infrastructure

We also need to touch on the fact that VoIP, unlike traditional telephony, doesn’t rely on its own network to function. Like we said before: VoIP uses the Internet.

Traditional telephony, on the other hand, requires that each telephone have a dedicated connection. Regardless of how big or small your team is, that’s going to add a significant bit to your business’ necessary infrastructure. Plus, that’s without mentioning how much of a hassle it can be to add new lines throughout your office. VoIP’s use of the Internet eliminates all that.

Of Course, We Can’t Forget that VoIP Helps Save Money

This is perhaps the biggest benefit that Voice over Internet Protocol brings: you’re already paying for your Internet services. By using them as your telecommunications network, you’re getting more value for the price. Compare that to actively having to pay for your telephone service each month in addition to your Internet services, and there really isn’t much of a comparison. VoIP wins.

We Can Help You Make Use of All of VoIP’s Advantages!

Wolk9IT has a lot of experience in business networking and communications, and we’re happy to help you implement and manage VoIP in your operations. Give us a call to learn more at (646) 741-1166.

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