You Can Save Money with the Right Cloud Solutions

The cloud has helped countless organizations all over the world establish themselves as powerhouses of their industries through dynamic and flexible solutions. One of the biggest reasons why the cloud is so effective—particularly for growing companies—is because of how scalable it is. Let’s examine how this scalability can help your company succeed despite how much it grows.

Growth is Natural for Successful Businesses

Businesses invest a lot of capital into their computing infrastructures, including their servers, storage, productivity solutions, and other tools. All of this complex technology must be managed and maintained by your staff, making for a significant time and labor investment, as well.

The cloud changed all of this.

Businesses seemed to be wary of the cloud at first, as they were fearful that it would put data at risk. These days, however, it’s a moot point. Businesses use the cloud for all kinds of services and features, even some organizations you might not expect.

The cloud provides several opportunities for businesses to change the way they operate. Whether it’s virtual servers, workstations, data storage, applications, or more advanced tools like business intelligence or artificial intelligence platforms, the cloud offers no shortage of tools for the modern business. It’s so dynamic and useful that some companies opt to house their entire infrastructure in the cloud, and better yet, it’s done in a secure and reliable way.

Cloud Scalability Is the Key

Let’s take a step back in time and remember the days when businesses would have to purchase multiple software licenses for each individual workstation on the company network. These licenses would be purchased once a year, and they would be incredibly expensive for short-term resources.

The cloud changes things by allowing you to adjust your solutions according to the immediate needs of your business. You can purchase computing solutions from a provider on a month-to-month basis, and all it takes is creating an account to get started.

Types of Cloud Scaling

Here are some ways that you can expect cloud scaling to look for a modern business:

  • Vertical Scaling: Vertical scaling entails adding resources to your cloud platform, like adding a new user to your productivity suite or email platform. It can even get as complex as increasing the specs of your virtual servers.
  • Horizontal Scaling: This type of scaling involves adding new servers to a cloud computing environment. You might see this type of scaling when organizations implement more advanced or more powerful tools, like a PBX server for VoIP.
  • Diagonal Scaling: This type of scaling is like an all-of-the-above method, manifesting when you have to add new resources to each of your servers due to an increase in use.

If you’re waiting for someone to tell you what the best way to approach cloud scaling is, you’ll be waiting a while. It will depend on what type of business you are and what your needs are. The best part is that scaling is flexible in nature, so you can make adjustments as needed.

Wolk9IT can help you make any necessary changes to your cloud infrastructure. To learn more, contact us at (646) 741-1166.

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