How to Tell If an Upgrade is In Order

In all aspects of society, upgrades and updates have become part of life. For instance, consider how often you’re prompted to update your software—and how often some people may ignore these prompts, assuming that everything will be just fine.

As you might imagine, this is not the mindset that will allow your business to advance. Instead, it’s important that you can identify when your technology is no longer helping and is instead holding you back so that you can implement that which will help your business advance.

We wanted to share a few warning signs that your technology has reached the point where you’re ready to upgrade it.

Your Technology Has Slowed Considerably

It’s pretty predictable that, as it ages, your technology will gradually work more and more slowly—both due to its age, of course, but also compared to the newer devices that your coworkers may have access to. If the reduced speed becomes a challenge for your daily processes, that’s a pretty reliable sign that an upgrade is in order.

Your Productivity Has Suffered

On a similar note, you need to consider if your technology and its aforementioned slowness is having an impact on what can be accomplished during the day. If it is, or if you’re dealing with persistent crashes and other issues, that’s another good sign that an update or upgrade is in order.

Your Devices Are No Longer Compatible with App Upgrades or Necessary Security Patches

This is how you know beyond any doubt that an upgrade is in order. Upgrades and security patches are implemented for a reason, so going without puts you at risk of data theft or other security breaches. If a hacker sees an opportunity, they’ll take it. Applying these updates and patches—and ensuring that your device can handle them—is something you need to prioritize as a result.

Having said that, it is important that you keep these devices maintained and fully repaired to ensure that they can accept these patches and updates. Desktop workstations are complicated pieces of hardware, so asking a professional to give a problematic device a once-over before committing to an expensive investment is a practical course of action.

We can serve as that professional for you. We’ve assembled a team that is more than capable of assisting you with your updates and upgrades, regardless of where you may be in the process. Whatever your needs may be—from acquiring new devices to properly wiping the data from your existing ones before disposing of them appropriately—we have you covered. Contact us today by sending a text to (646 741-1166.

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