Is Your Business Equipped for Modern Collaboration?

Saving on capital expenditures is the successful business owner’s superpower. Today, a lot of the strategic cost-cutting that is being done is through collaboration. When you increase the productivity of your staff, you can do more with less. Let’s look at some of the tools being used by successful organizations to enhance their productivity.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing tools were useful before the COVID-19 pandemic caused the implementation of stay-at-home orders. Now, it is a tool that everyone uses to catch up with people in all types of situations. For the business, it is a huge benefit to be able to meet from anywhere at the click of a button. Since commercial-grade video conferencing solutions need a little more than your individual-license ones, it is important to find one with the features a business needs. They include:

  • Screen sharing
  • Instant messaging and group chat features
  • HD Video
  • Recording
  • Multiple-webcam options
  • Encrypted file sharing

The quick innovation of video conferencing tools makes them an integral part of your business’ software roster going forward. 

Collaboration Apps

Now there is software being developed that is specifically designed to enhance an organization’s collaborative abilities. They are part online forum, part instant messaging platform, but what they really provide is the ability to integrate dozens of useful management and productivity applications into the conversation.

Productivity Suites

The productivity suite is a computing staple, but today’s productivity apps require a bit more. The modern productivity suite offers secure email, cloud storage, sharing, sync, and applications designed to get things done. What’s best is that today, they give individuals the ability to work with their contemporaries in real-time in documents, spreadsheets, and on presentations—solutions that are pretty useful for any business today.

If you would like to talk about today’s most dynamic collaboration technologies, call the IT experts at Wolk9IT today at (646) 741-1166.

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