When You Consider All Avenues of Data Loss, Backup Becomes Essential

“It won’t happen to me.” This is a common excuse amongst business owners who refuse to equip their network with a comprehensive data backup and recovery solution. They may feel like they’re careful enough to avoid a major data loss-causing disaster. Yet, the inconvenient fact remains that a disaster can happen to any business, no matter how prepared they may be.

Simply put, there are some disasters that are just beyond your control. Take for example these four common disasters that can unexpectedly strike and destroy your data.    

Natural Disasters

While it’s true that some geographical locations are safer than others, the fact remains that no place on Earth is immune to a natural disaster that’s capable of disrupting your IT infrastructure and wiping out your data. Severe wind and thunderstorms can happen almost anywhere, and no spot on the planet is 100 percent earthquake-proof. Then there are more region-specific natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, tornados, etc. that you need to account for.

While backing up your data won’t prevent a natural disaster from happening (nothing can), it will ensure that your data will survive—even if your IT infrastructure does not. However, simply backing up your data isn’t enough. In order to make sure that operations can resume as quickly as possible, your business continuity plan must include a reliable data recovery option.

Man-Made Disasters       

Whether the disaster is natural or man-made, the fact remains that it’s impossible to dodge a major disaster. Man-made disasters like warfare, terrorism, and fires can do some serious damage, while even minor man-made disasters can negatively affect operations, like a power outage. The trick to coming out on top of any disaster is to have a data backup solution in place that creates redundant copies of your data and stores your files in the cloud. A BDR solution from Wolk9IT provides this kind of protection for your business.     

Hardware Failure

Every hard drive comes with a chance of failing and crashing. To think otherwise is to kid yourself. Therefore, you need a data backup solution in place that can protect and recover your digital assets, should your hard drive crash on your watch. This is one reason why a BDR solution from Wolk9IT utilizes redundant copies of your backed-up data by storing them in the cloud, should a hardware failure ever strike the backed-up copies that you store in-house. For companies that are serious about protecting their data, it takes this level of redundancy to ensure that your data will be available when you need it the most.  

User Error

People make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes result in the deletion of data. In fact, user error is the number one cause of data loss, so you never want to become overly confident that your well-trained team can never make a mistake. However, with a reliable backup and disaster recovery solution in place, you can be confident that, should a major problem ever happen, you’ll be able to easily revert back to a previous copy of your data and keep operations humming along.   

Natural and man-made disasters, hardware failure, and user error, all of these culprits can derail the productivity of a business, or worse, cause a company to go out of business within a year if there’s no data backup solution in place. While you can’t erase the reality of disasters from putting your business at risk, you can do something about it by implementing BDR. Contact us today by texting (646 )741-1166.

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