Why Do Managed Services Work So Well for SMBs?

Businesses have always relied on technology in at least some capacity, whether it’s hosting an email server or platform or using a word processor for various tasks. Many companies, however, struggle with technology procurement, management, and maintenance for a variety of reasons. Let’s take a look at what some of these reasons are, as well as how managed services can relieve these pressures to create a better experience for your company as a whole.

The Alternatives Don’t Work

In short, the biggest reason why managed services work is because the alternatives simply do not work for small businesses. Consider the fact that many small businesses simply do not have access to the same resources as major enterprises. This involves both human resources and financial resources, both of which can have a considerable impact on a business’ ability to get the technology talent necessary to keep operations going and acquire solutions that facilitate them. This combination of a limited budget and limited access to talent often means that companies forego maintenance on their technology until it is absolutely necessary.

By that point, it might be too late to apply maintenance, as technology that is not working as intended starts to cause problems; and, when your technology starts to create problems, the last thing you want is to rely on untrained users performing maintenance. Thankfully, all of this and more can be remedied through the use of managed services. Let’s see how you can save time and frustration by working with a managed service provider like Wolk9IT.

Capital Expenses Can Add Up

When you dump a bunch of money into new solutions up-front, this is what is called a capital cost. These types of oft-unexpected costs can create problems for your budget, especially when you have many of them pile up at once, like with a server unit or networking component breaking down and you having to replace them both at the same time. Managed IT services are operational expenses that fit neatly into budgets through the use of smaller, more manageable monthly payments, making them ideal for small businesses with limited budgets.

Minimal Downtime

While there is certainly a sense of financial loss from having to replace technology, the real kick in the teeth comes from what comes after the technology breaks down. You’re not just paying to replace the technology itself; you’re also paying the employees who are left without work to do and the lost productivity during this downtime. When you properly maintain your technology through the use of managed IT services, you are effectively staving off downtime and preparing yourself for when it will occur, all while having a contingency plan in place.

Hands-Off Maintenance

More than anything else, managed IT services allow your business to take a step back to focus on operations rather than keeping your technology going. You can then use these opportunities to implement new solutions and focus on what matters most to your company. Without the stress of managing technology, you might be surprised to see what you can accomplish.

Don’t waste any more time and energy on your IT infrastructure than you need to. Give Wolk9IT a call today at (646) 741-1166.

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