You Can (and Should) Use a Better Router Than What Your ISP Will Give You

Chances are that when you signed up for Internet service through your Internet service provider, or ISP, they hooked you up with a router that you would use to broadcast your wireless network’s signal around your office. While this is all well and good, we think you have valid reasons to replace that router with one that is better suited to your business’ needs. Why, you ask? Read on and find out.

Here are three reasons why you should consider replacing your ISP’s router with one that is hand-picked by your IT resource, or us at Wolk9IT.

Your ISP’s Router is Nothing Special

When you set up your ISP’s router, it might have been fine for the short-term, but you may have noticed that as your business grows, the router might not be able to keep up with your company’s wireless traffic demands. This is because the router is bare-bones in nature, i.e. something that is good for the general consumer rather than something designed specifically for businesses, let alone a business like yours. When so much of your company’s success hinges on access to wireless resources and networks, you shouldn’t leave anything up to chance; you should replace that router with one that suits your company’s needs.

Security is a Main Factor

As is the case with most technology in a business environment, you’ll want to consider security in your decision making process. The router your ISP provides might have the minimal required security standards in place, but they will not cut it for a business that houses sensitive information and transfers that information over a wireless network. Replacing it with a router that can stand up to the security standards you expect for a business-grade connection will be vital to your organization’s success.

You Will Likely Need Multiple Bands and Connections

At least, we recommend that you do, for a variety of reasons.

Your ideal router will have multiple different bands for different types of devices. For example, some Internet of Things devices don’t need to operate on the same frequency as other, more powerful devices, like your company’s servers and workstations. Furthermore, we recommend that you get a router which allows you to create multiple networks. This is helpful for businesses that want to allow guests or employees to use personal devices on the network, while partitioning off the main network for business devices. This is also helpful for security reasons, so do try to set things up this way when possible.

If you need assistance with procuring new hardware for your networking needs, Wolk9IT can help. We’ll work within your needs and your budget to get you the solutions your business needs to make the most out of its Internet connection. To learn more, call us at (646) 741-1166.

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